Alums in print

19 05 2008

Former Independent Editor-in-Chief and influential blogger Matt Yglesias ’03 has written a book entitled Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats.
Judging by the title, he seems to take a somewhat dim view of responding to terror attacks by invading countries that had nothing to do with them. More specifically, according to the jacket copy,

In Heads in the Sand, fast-rising political observer and commentator Matthew Yglesias reveals the wrong-headed foreign policy stance of conservatives, neocons, and the Republican Party for what it is—aggressive nationalism, or, to be impolite, a new version of old-fashioned imperialism. He then examines how Democrats and progressives have responded to the conservative agenda, from mistakenly labeling it isolationism to repeated calls for big, bold, new ideas and the failure to actually produce any.

Writing with wit, passion, and keen insight, Yglesias reminds us of the rich tradition of liberal internationalism that, developed by Democrats, was used with great success by both Democratic and Republican administrations for more than fifty years. It was, in fact, the foreign policy strategy that revived Europe after World War II, established the United Nations, and won the Cold War.

Based on the principle of promoting global order through international law and stable institutions, liberal internationalism is far from perfect and not nearly sexy enough to appeal to chest-thumping hawks. But, as Yglesias demonstrates, exercised with patience, flexibility, and restraint by nine American presidents, it has produced more peace, prosperity, and international harmony than any other approach.

Sounds like the kind of guy who would give away the Sudetenland.

Here’s Matt (on the right) with his former colleagues at an Independent event in NYC:

Matt Yglesias and friends

We’re more than happy to put in a good word for any literary (or other) work produced by an alum. Just let us know.

– S.A.




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