Report from Grad Board

8 05 2008

Twice a year, the Independent’s editors meet with interested alumni (that’s the Grad Board) to review the state of the Indy. Based on discussions at last week’s Grad Board, the Indy’s in good shape. The editorial product retains its distinctive voice (viz. the cover of the sex survey issue) and trends on the business side are pointing in the right direction. In particular, the paper edition is reliably dropped to each undergraduate door every week, the Web site has been redesigned and is now hosted by a commercial service, Web-based advertising revenue is up and the editors are maintaining a tight rein on expenses. We’ll have a staffer in Cambridge this summer to sell advertising working closely with Grad Board Chair David Smith ’75 (more about that in another post).

The student editors also agreed, no doubt enthusiastically, to pose for this photo in the Indy’s Hilles digs (which are more pleasant than this photo would suggest) so alums could associate faces with bylines:
Harvard Independent editors spring 2008
Left to right, Marissa Babin ’11, News Editor, Sam Jack ’11, Forum Editor, Caroline Corbitt ’09, Editor-in-Chief, David Smith ’75, Grad Board Chair, Amy Yoshitsu ’10, Production Manager, Edward Chen ’09, Co-President, Sally Rinehart ’09, Co-President, Andrew Rist ’09, Sports Editor

– S.A.



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