Alums in the news

7 12 2007

One purpose of this blog is to keep you abreast of fellow alums who have achieved fame or at least notoriety.

This week, The Boston Globe reported that MIT (those buildings on the left as you head down Mem Drive to the Kendall Square Cinema) has a little embarrassment:

Just one out of 25 faculty members granted tenure this year at MIT is female, a gender imbalance that appears to contrast with the university’s decade-old effort to boost the status of women.


Who, you may be wondering, was the one woman judged worthy of tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Amy Finkelstein, the lone female promoted to tenure at MIT this year, said she had no complaints about her path to tenure in the economics department.

Finkelstein, 34, who received her doctorate from MIT in 2001, said she is a beneficiary of policies created to help women en route to tenure and afterward. She is now on maternity leave. Under a new policy, MIT will pay for child care at professional conferences she attends.

“I’ve had nothing but a fabulous experience in the economics department,” Finkelstein said. “I’ve experienced and perceived no issues in regard to gender.”

That’s Independent alum Amy Finkelstein ’95, on the left (pre-tenure) at the 35th anniversary gala with her classmates Ellie Grossman and Justin Kudler.

We’re glad that Amy got what she deserved. As for MIT’s plight, if you are interested, you can read the whole sad story here.

— S.A.




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